Is Your Clock Broken, Too?

The other day I was late for work. I won’t say how late, but let’s just say it was more than 20 minutes. Well, okay, more than 25 minutes… You get the picture.

Being on time has never come easy for me. In seventh grade I held the record for most tardies…29 in the first semester! My husband and I have a joke that if I die first he is going to start my funeral ten minutes late because everyone in attendance would expect it.

I know. I know what some of you are thinking. How do I know? Because I’m married to a man who, for the first ten years of our marriage, was convinced that my sole goal in life was to make him as late as possible to every event we attended. Convinced that I simply didn’t care.

Apparently, some of you were born with this internal clock that alerts you when time has passed. I have an internal clock, too. But the hands don’t ever move unless I look at a real clock. If I get into the shower at 7:00, my clock keeps chiming 7 until the hot water runs out and I realize I should check an actual clock. It really is pretty much a shock every time! I am an intelligent person, I just have a broken clock…

Every time I have a timeline to follow, the pattern looks pretty much the same.

False sense of security…

Moment when reality sets in…

Panic and rushing…



My brain, especially my pre coffee brain, simply cannot grasp the fact that it takes more than 12 minutes to get ready! My alarm goes off an hour and a half before I need to leave and my first thoughts go something like this: “Ok. Make a plan. Get up, shower, dry hair, find clothes, fix hair…..ok, I need 15 minutes. Wait, I picked out clothes last night! 12 minutes.” Hit snooze.

(The fact that I have never once taken a 10 minute shower is a reality that I am completely unaware of at this point!)

So, when I get up an hour before I need to leave, I’m feeling pretty good about the extra 48 minutes I’m giving myself! That is plenty of time to drink a cup of coffee, cuddle a sweet kiddo, write a blog… Oh wait, I have to get the kids ready, too. And the false sense of security begins to fade…


So, here I am at the beginning of spring, a time for new beginnings, and the words that keep showing up everywhere are Time Management! I’ve been confronted with this concept at every turn. My boss, blogs I follow, even an old note I found in my Bible! That’s right, apparently I was made aware of this issue at some point in my past and was convicted enough to jot down “Time Management = wisdom” with a few scripture references. Convicted enough to tuck that note nicely away in the middle of Deuteronomy for safe keeping…

So, if you too have a broken clock, the first step is admitting that it’s broken. The next step is remembering that it’s broken! And, I’m still trying to figure out the step after that… But I’m trying!

And just to keep it real, that moment of reality is hitting me as I write this. “Wait! I wanted to leave early today so that there is no chance I will be late. I don’t have time to write about this right now! …let the panic begin…

3 thoughts on “Is Your Clock Broken, Too?

  1. I don’t feel my clock is broken…it’s just everything seems to be working against me. I get up with enough time. I am aware of the time. The baby has a blow out and now needs a bath, that is an extra 20 minutes I didn’t anticipate. Traffic. The dog peed in the floor. The boy peed the bed. Mostly, my issues are related to excrement. I am pretty good with big picture things…like deadlines. But being on time well…I’m pretty happy if I am there within 10 minutes of scheduled time.

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  2. LOVE this. I know it is something you (and Cliff) have dealt with for some time but it did bring a smile to my face with all the memories. Love the scripture references, too. They are good to remember for all of us.

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